A Collection of Essays on Building Technology Companies.


A native of France, Thibaud Clement graduated from Grenoble Ecole de Management and the University of Ottawa.

From 2011, Thibaud and his (now) spouse Noemie traveled around the world for one year to interview world class entrepreneurs and authors, including Seth Godin, signed a book deal with French publisher Diateino for Se Lancer Sans Attendre, and co-founded a candy-subscription service, acquired 18 months after inception.

The pair launched an advertising agency, and relocated to the US in 2014. A self-taught programmer, Thibaud started developing a software solution to streamline Noemie’s process of drafting editorial calendars, which eventually became Loomly. Thibaud served as Chief Executive Officer of the company until it was acquired in August 2021.

Under Thibaud & Noemie's leadership, Loomly reached 8 figures in Annual Run Rate, serving over 12,000 teams around the globe, and was recognized by G2 as one of the top 10 highest-rated products for customer satisfaction in the world.

Besides publishing Lifetime Values, Thibaud is taking computer science courses and working on something new.



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A Collection of Essays on Building Technology Companies.


Co-Founder of Loomly.com (acquired). Working on something new.